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Art and Culture

Inhotim Cultural Institute, Brumadinho, Minas Gerais

The official literature calls it an environmental park and modern art museum.

Iberê Camargo Foundation in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Iberê Camargo Foundation, Porto Alegre

J. Borges: Woodcut Print Artist from Bezerros, Pernambuco

At kilometer 106 on the Luiz Gonzaga Highway (BR 232) stands a whitewashed building called the “Casa de Cultura Serra Negra.” Dank and cluttered inside, with its roadside location, it is reminiscent of an auto mechanics shop. For decades it served as Borges’ atelier and now houses children, nephews and cousins who followed him into the chapbook business. Borges has found new digs. Roomier and with better lighting, it still could pass for a simple country home. Visitors can purchase chapbooks, prints and original woodblock molds by a multi-talented artist whose work has been featured in exhibitions at places like Zurich’s Helmhaus Museum. Scholars point to Borges’ work to help explain why Brazil maintains a vibrant woodblock print tradition. Visitors to the workshop can get a glimpse of a vintage mechanical printing machine and, if they’re lucky, see the artist at work carving his next mold.

São Paulo Graffiti Tour: osgemeos

Their lyrical, surrealist and playful graffiti began popping up around their stomping grounds, Cambuci, a São Paulo working class enclave dotted with cottage industries near downtown, in the late 1980s. Now identical twins Otávio and Gustavo (osgemeos, literally “thetwins”) travel the world, shapeshifting from outsider graffiti “writers” to insider gallery and museum artists - and back. A “clean-up” campaign by the City of São Paulo is destroying many of the classic graffiti murals that have dotted the city for years. But if you hurry you may be able to catch some of osgemeos world-class street art.

California Brazil Camp: Redwood Canja

How can North Americans learn Brazilian dance or musicianship without packing up and moving to Brazil? Every summer under the redwoods of Northern California, hundreds gather at the California Brazil Camp to participate in sacred Candomblé dances, incendiary choro circles, forró hoedowns, smoldering bossa nova jam sessions, and all-night pagode sing-alongs.

Baroque Art in Minas Gerais: Aleijadinho and His Times

Time has been unkind to the gold towns of Minas Gerais. Their old wealth is long since gone; the red dust of Minas cakes their half-deserted streets. But Aleijadinho's heroic monuments remain. Each year in mid-September, Mineiros rise from their huts and hamlets and journey by foot, by truck and by train over the scarred hills to the shrine-church of Congonhas do Campo. In 2006, as they have for a century and a half, some 200,000 Brazilian peasants made the pilgrimage to kiss the sacred image of the Dead Christ in Aleijadinho's Church of the Bom Jesus.

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