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Fishing in the Amazon with Pepper and Flávio

BrazilMax’s Bill Hinchberger joins a fishing expedition in the Amazon.



Confeitaria Colombo: Vestige of Rio de Janeiro’s belle époque

When visitors step past the Confeitaria Colombo’s threshold, they enter a living time capsule – a remnant of a Rio de Janeiro gone by, one that now seems charming for its opulent optimism. During this “belle époque,” still the nation’s capital and cultural hub, Rio de Janeiro aspired to something that many locals considered far more essential - to become the Paris of the Americas. Downtown Rio was still considered a cool place to chill. And the president of the republic might very well keep a personal tab at the establishment.

Pirarucu: Saving the Giant Fish in Mamirauá

An innovative fisheries management program aims to balance the survival of a threatened species with the needs of local fishermen who depend on it for their livelihoods.

Saco do Mamanguá: Tourism in Paraty’s Tropical Fjord

A local community organizes to defend ecotourism and crafts against industrial fishing trawlers.

Reveillon in Rio de Janeiro: New Year's Eve With Iemanjá

The practice of offering white roses, jewelry, and sweets to Iemanjá is as widespread in Rio de Janeiro as is our custom of leaving a plate of cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Ano Novo, also called Reveillon, is the second largest festival in Brazil, attracting between 2 and 3 million people to Rio's beaches every year. While Brazil's biggest festival, Carnival is well known around the world, Reveillon has not received much publicity outside South America.

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Praia do Rosa, Santa Catarina

Dead men tell no tales, but Antonio Pedro tells his

Exu, Pernambuco

A visit to Luiz Gonzaga's hometown

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